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Michele, Owner and C.E.O. of One Source Insurance Solutions, LLC, (OSIS) has over 14 years’ experience in the Risk Management Industry.  She quickly grasped the vital role insurance solutions play in protecting family and business assets and the absolute necessity for her clients to correctly treat their risk retention vs. risk transfer ratios.

She has become a respected and highly regarded professional in the Risk Management Industry and is a frequent speaker at professional events.  Her insight and understanding how to correctly asses her clients and prospective clients loss exposure/treatment has won her loyal clientele as well as professional peers.
Although most people know they need insurance, and in some cases are required by law, she also found they were often over insured, under insured or were completely oblivious as to their insurance coverage's .  The latter only became apparent after they had that devastating loss.   She found the latter appalling and set out to find out why this was endemic and to make certain her clients did not find, post facto, that their current insurance plan was inadequate or had glaring gaps in coverage.  She is a consultant in the truest sense and spends time educating her clientele as to their options and how best to protect their assets and transfer to the insurance company those risk.  Order taking, prevalent today, is not her forte; however, participative consultation, coordination, education and implementation is her business model.
The most distinguishing attribute is her dedication in developing an assessment protocol that obviated her clients seeing their life’s work vanish due to an inexperienced teenage driver or a multimillion dollar law suit.  She was determined that her clients would enjoy the best legal representation and financial backing possible and that is only possible by having the best insurance company lawyers committed to defending them.

Being woefully aware of the fact that our society is a litigious society eager to take our assets, Michele has dedicated herself to make sure that does not happen.  She makes certain the latter does not happen and with due diligence she will have transferred those risk/loses from her clients to the Insurance Company; after all, that is where she said they belong.

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